Database administration


Nova DBA experts meticulously monitor your databases to ensure that your systems are functioning at peak performance. Problems are identified quickly, and remedied without delay. Backups run like clockwork, and system updates are handled with care. A poorly managed database can incur a considerable expense. We make sure your systems remain an asset to your productivity, never a liability.

A well-managed database is essential to your operations success. When you choose Nova DBA we ensure that your systems:

  • Remain available to meet user demand at all times
  • Are protected from outages, slowdowns, and security breaches
  • Enable swift data recovery in case of an emergency
  • Support your growing business needs and goals
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Installation and Configuration

We will handle the heavy lifting when it comes time to implement changes.

  • Installation and configuration of database software, patches and service packs
  • Database environment diagnostics (best practices audit)
  • Modification and configuration of instances and databases
  • Database migration
  • Database cloning
  • Database replication
  • Recommendations for server consolidation
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Performance Management

Insuring your systems are maintained at peak preformance.

  • Performance audit
  • Performance problem-solving
  • Index maintenance and integrity checks
  • Verification of generic and custom performance indicators
  • Optimization of databases and applications
  • Performance analysis using various scripts and tools
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High Availability Management

Operational performance across all systems, all of the time.

  • Implementation of high-availability solutions (Oracle RAC, Data Guard, AlwaysOn, etc.)
  • Recovery plan design, implementation and testing
  • Backups and recovery
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Security Management

System security held to the highest standard.

  • Security audit
  • User management
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Proactive database monitoring for proactive solutions.

  • Monitoring of procedures and scheduled jobs
  • Monitoring of security threats
  • Log file monitoring and analysis
  • Backup monitoring
  • Space utilization monitoring
  • Monitoring of critical system resource utilization
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Resolving issues before transaction failures.

  • Problem solving
  • Optional 24/7 support
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